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Detainees’ father barters his freedom for treating his son
Detainees’ father barters his freedom for treating his son
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West Bank, ALRAY - A father of Palestinian detainee, lost his sight in Israeli jails, bartered his freedom in ex-change of releasing his son to get medical treatment. 

The detainee Mohammed Mazen Dweikat, 30, lost his sight because of medical negligence in the Israeli occupation prisons.

His father Mazen Dweikat, is a well known man in Nablus, expressed his willingness to exchange his freedom for releasing his son to get the medical treatment before being too late. 

Dweikat’s father is to organize a sit-in for the family next Friday calling for releasing his son. 

Dweikat’s father along with ten of his relatives will hand themselves as a hostages to release their son to get medical treatment, they also are willing to pay any fines to be able to treat their son. 

The detainee Mohammed is in Jalbou’ prison and was moved to Affolah prison clinic in 8 Nov. 2017 under detainees pressure after losing his sight. 
The detained lawyer informed his family that their son’s sight is so poor. The lawyer was able to obtain the medical report that prove the medical status of the detainee. 

An Ophthalmologist read the medical report and concluded that Mohammed’s eyes infected with a virus because of the medical negligence in the prison that causes severe inflammation of the retina.

The detainee father said that the doctor told him that his son condition is critical, but there is still a possibility to recover his sight. The doctor advised him to contact with a doctor in Hadassah hospital who is specialist in treated these cases. 
The father added that how the doctor could treat his son while he is in prison.