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Rafah border crisis persists

The Rafah border crisis has deeply exacerbated as the number of the stranded people in Gaza ‎is rising.‎ ‎ The humanitarian impact of the multifaceted problem calls to mind the early years of blockade ‎imposed on Gaza upon the legislative elections in 2006. ‎ The Rafah crossing has been completely closed for the 6th day in a row now after 6 soldiers was ‎killed in a militant attack against Military Intelligence headquarters in Egyptian Rafah city. ‎ The number of daily Gaza passengers allowed in Egyptian territory has dropped from 1200 to ‎‎300 after president Mohammed Morsi was removed from office on July 3rd. ‎ More than 5000 people are registered for urgent departure, including holders of foreign ‎passports, patients, and students. ‎ School students lament that they would not catch with the new semester:‎ While some with foreign passports were outraged:‎ The Egyptian General Intelligence Service keeps citing security reasons for closing the only exit ‎to the outside world. ‎ The attempts to involve Gaza in the unrest in Sinai Peninsula persist. While for its part, the ‎Palestinian government reiterated its position denying any intervention in Egypt’s internal ‎affairs. ‎