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Demonstrators arrested, injured in al Maasara village

On Friday October 25 the West Bank village of al Maasara celebrated seven years of struggle, marching from the center of the village in an attempt to reach village lands. However, Israeli forces blocked the village entrance, preventing demonstrators from reaching their lands. Later, Israeli forces attacked the demonstrators, chasing the people into the village. Four Palestinians were injured. Additionally, Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian demonstrations across the occupied West Bank on Friday, leaving several Palestinians injured and dozens suffering from excessive tear gas inhalation. The protesters raised Palestinian flags, chanted songs for Palestinian unity and called for the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. They also voiced their solidarity with Palestinians held in administrative detention. Soldiers fired tear gas canisters, stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at demonstrations against the Separation Wall in the village of Bilin. Photographers Mohammad Yassin, 21, and Abdul Kadir Abu Rahma, 19, were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets in the back and foot respectively. Dozens of demonstrators suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation in the protest. Israeli forces also dispersed demonstrators who marched toward village lands, which are threatened with confiscation. Dozens of protestors subsequently suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation.