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Israel deploys Iron Dome missile system near Haifa
Israel deploys Iron Dome missile system near Haifa
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Jerusalem, PressTV - Israel has deployed Iron Dome missile interceptor batteries in the north, citing the alleged tension on its northern borders.

The missile system was deployed near the northern city of Haifa on Friday, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on its website. 

"The Iron Dome system is deployed from time to time in various positions, in coordination with the most current assessments of the situation, and currently, the system has been deployed to the north,” the spokesman for the Israeli army said. 

One day before the move, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and the Chief of General Staff of the Israeli military, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, made remarks on the situation on the northern border area.

Ya'alon, who was observing a war game in the north, said that Israeli forces “could find themselves called into battle at short notice.”

“It is important to make clear to those on the other side of the border who are planning to harm us… that we are ready and determined to act with full force,” he added.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for Israeli air force pilots on Thursday, Gantz warned about the tense situation along Israel’s northern borders and possible threats posed by Hezbollah.

Since the beginning of the year, batteries have been deployed several times in the Galilee and Haifa.

In May, two other Iron Dome systems were deployed in the northern cities of Haifa and Safed following an Israeli attack on a weapons convoy in Syria.

The Israeli military currently has five operational Iron Dome systems, with a sixth to begin testing in the coming weeks.