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Rafah border crossing closed until further notice
Rafah border crossing closed until further notice
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Gaza, Alray - Director General of the Gaza border crossings Maher Abu Sabha said a representative of the Egyptian army told the Palestinian government “the Rafah Crossing has been closed until further notice.”

The Egyptian army have tightened measures on Palestinian passengers coming in and out of Gaza through the crossing by the start of the counter-revolution protests.

Soon after announcing the military coup, Egyptian sources informed Palestinian officials that only certain people, such as patients and students, were allowed in.

Informed sources said senior official of the Egyptian Intelligence Service Nader al-Asar phoned Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Friday afternoon, discussing with him latest developments in Gaza.

Haniyeh briefed him on the humanitarian crisis coming up in the strip as a result of the restriction on the tunnels and the Rafah Crossing.