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IOF deports 4 Jerusalemites from Sour Baher, Jabal Al-Mokaber
IOF deports 4 Jerusalemites from Sour Baher, Jabal Al-Mokaber
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY – The Israeli occupation police released Tuesday evening five Jerusalemites from Jabal Al-Mokaber town, south-east of occupied Jerusalem, after being detained for several hours on pretext of an attempt to preventing Jerusalemites from reaching the Israeli polling stations.


Wadi El-hilweh Information Center stated that the Israeli police released Fateh Secretary in Jabal Al-Mokaber, Eyad Basheer, the head of youth league, Fares Ouysat, and the head of parents’ committee, Nabeel Basheer and Hasan Abdu after arrested them for several hours in the police office.


The Israeli Police conditioned their deportation from Sour Baher and Jabal Al-Mokaber towns till Wednesday morning, as the Israeli police seized their mobile phones.


The Israeli police released Karam Abdu with bail after arresting him on the pretext of preventing a woman from reaching the polling station.


The Jerusalemites refused to elect or nominate in the Israeli municipal elections in Jerusalem. This is considered as an attempt of the Israeli authorities to legalize the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.


The Jerusalemites declared that the Israeli municipal is carrying out the Israeli authorities'' plans in Jerusalem, aiming at Judaizing the city, and depriving the Jerusalemites of their basic rights, guaranteed by international law.


They reported that the Israeli municipal demolishes Palestinian houses on the pretext of denial of permission.


In the same time, it places impossible restrictions for building permissions, in addition to imposing fines and heavy taxes upon the Jerusalemites. Moreover, the Israeli municipal neglect the towns and villages in the eastern Jerusalem.


Jerusalemites activists wrote slogans in the doors of polling centers as follows "voting is treason… sharing is treason".


The Israeli police heavily deployed around the polling centers in Jerusalem, and wiped the anti-election slogans.