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Press conference by GMO on rubble of al-Yazji building :
Press conference by GMO on rubble of al-Yazji building :
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 Head of the Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza Salama Maroof stated on Tuesday that the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip began last Sunday when an Israeli special force sneaked into east of Khan Younes and assassinated seven Palestinians.


GMO: Reactions of the Palestinian resistance come within the context of the natural rights of Palestinians guaranteed by all international laws to repel the Israeli occupation aggression.


GMO: Israeli raids against the Gaza Strip exceeded 150 airstrikes, during which 80 facilities have been bombed, including government buildings, housing units, media institutions, civilian premises, agricultural lands, and resistance sites.


GMO: since the start of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, 13 Palestinians have been killed, and over 28 others injured.


GMO: various government institutions, through emergency committees, have followed developments on the ground since the first moment, and taken a series of procedures to ensure coherence of the Palestinian domestic front.


GMO: Israeli deliberate targeting of civilian buildings and housing units is a war crime that requires the International community to urgently intervene to provide a protection for these facilities in accordance with all international laws and norms.