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Israeli Occupation continues its aggression against Palestinian civilian population
Israeli Occupation continues its aggression against Palestinian civilian population
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The Israeli Occupation army continues its aggression against the Palestinian people besieged in the Gaza Strip, where it increased its assaults this morning against the Palestinian civilians counting so far more than 120 raids from the Israeli warplanes or from the artillery or from the warships since the start of the aggression; the last but not least of these assaults were targeting a Palestinian farmer, Khaled Riyad AlSultan, 26 years old, while he was working in his farm, along with other assaults and attacks across the Gaza Strip. As of (13/11/2018 - 12:30pm) the death toll rises to 13 and tens of injured, according to a press statement issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.


This was preceded by a series of airstrikes - during the night – in which six residential buildings, Al-Aqsa Satellite Channel and other government buildings were bombed and destroyed by the Israeli warplanes. The preliminary estimates for the affected housing units are 80 house-units complete damages, 50 house-units severe damages while around 900 house-units light-to-medium damages. This is added to the extreme panic and fear among children and women, where it indicates the level of arrogance to an occupier who doesn’t respect the International laws, norms and human values.


Based on these attacks, the Occupation State is fully responsible for this round of aggression where it increased its level of crimes and assaults; it is also responsible for the failure of the efforts to restore calm conducted by the United Nations and mediators.


Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza reiterates its demand to the International Community to intervene and to rein the Occupation state from continuing its violations against the Palestinians and preventing it from committing more crimes.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs