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IOF detains 175 female, minor Palestinians during 2018
IOF detains 175 female, minor Palestinians during 2018
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Ramallah, ALRAY – Palestinians Prisoner center for studies reported Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained 175 female and minor Palestinians and continued targeting them by summoning and interrogating them.


The spokesman of the center, Riyad Ashqar, stated that the IOF further escalated targeting female Palestinians by detention and high sentences, aiming at depriving them of participating in any peaceful or social activities that supporting the Palestinian rights and curbing the Israeli occupation.


Ashqar mentioned that the Israeli authorities targeted the Palestinian prisoners particularly their mothers and wives during the family visit in the Israeli prisons, which aiming at suffocating the Palestinian prisoners.


The center observed 15 cases of detaining the Palestinian prisoners' relatives, two Palestinian injuries, in addition to 14 cases of detaining Palestinian minors.


Unjust sentences

During the past year, the Israeli military courts sentenced several harsh and vindictive sentences against the female prisoners, as the female prisoner, Fadwa Hamada ,31, was sentenced to 10 years in Israeli prison and to pay a bail of NIS 30.000.


Israeli Jerusalem central court sentenced Amani Hasheem ,31, to 10 years in Israeli prison allegedly accused by carrying out a run over.


Moreover, Israeli authorities sentenced the female prisoner, Asia Ka'abna ,40, to 42 months in prison, as she is a mother of nine children. Also, the Palestine prisoner, Bayan Faroun ,24, was sentenced to 40 months in prison. In addition to the Palestinian female prisoner, Israa' Jaber ,19, was sentenced to two years and a half in the Israeli prison.


Desperate circumstances

Female Prisoners: Over the last 43 years, an estimated 10,000 Palestinian women have been arrested and/or detained under Israeli military orders. In detention, Palestinian female prisoners constantly face torture, humiliation, and horrendous living conditions. After going through the interrogation process, most Palestinian women prisoners are transferred to one of two prisons: Damon or Hasharon Prison.