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IPS leaves Palestinian detainees with no protection of cold weather
IPS leaves Palestinian detainees with no protection of cold weather
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails suffers bad conditions under the low weather temperature, especially who are detained in southern Israeli jails which increase their suffering and vulnerability, Palestinian detainees center for study.

The spokesperson of the center explained in a press release that low weather temperature affects Palestinian detainees badly since Israeli jails are not equipped to provide protection to prisoners from the cold, high winds and heavy rain. The most affected detention centers are those in Negev desert. Rains  leaked  from the windows that not closed well, or cracks in the roofs of the cells.

He said that the prisoners lack the blankets and winter clothes that the prison administration refuses to provide them even through the families and institutions. It has been exacerbated by the continuation of arrests and the entry of new prisoners into prisons, where they are forced to share the clothes and blankets in the prisons.

He pointed out that the detainees as a result of these harsh conditions are vulnerable to many and varied diseases caused by the cold and humidity, which coincide years after winter, and IPS deliberately does not provide appropriate treatment for them to impose further abuse, leaving them vulnerable to diseases ravaging their bodies .

He pointed out that the low temperature affects more the detainees that are detained in tents in Negev and Ofer prisons. Rains flowed into the tents and ruined their clothes and blankets. Winds uproot and tear up the tents leaving detainees without shelter of cold and forest that threatens their lives.  

He accused the IPS  of deliberately leaving the detainees in those circumstances without providing any emergency or urgent assistance to protect them from the effects of cold weather in order to increase their suffering . Cold temperatures causes several types of diseases to detainees as well as affects their mental health. 

PCHR called on all international institutions, especially the Red Cross, to form committees to visit the detainees and get acquaint with the difficult conditions that they are detained under, especially in these days, and to intervene urgently to protect them against occupation violations.