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IPS imposes punitive measures against 4 detainees
IPS imposes punitive measures against  4 detainees
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli Prison Services of Ofer imposed Thursday arbitrary punishments against four Palestinian detainees, claiming that they peat Israeli soldier, Muhjat al-Quds institution reported.

 IPS of Ofer banned the four detainees from canteen for a month , of family visits for a month, fined each one 200 NIS, and put them in solidarity confinement for seven days.     

 The detainees explained in a letter sent to the institution that on Jan 10 2019 a unit of the so-called Shin Bet assaulted and brutally beat  the detainee Ayman Atbish in Ramon Prison during the storming of the cell and isolated him in Ayalon detention center and prevented him from family visit until 26/2/2019. 

As a response, the detainee Mohammed Abu Mareyah attacked an Israeli police and beat him while a unit of Israeli police was inspecting the windows and the doors. Another Palestinian detainee Abdullah Abido attacked the same police.   

The detainee explained in a letter that the IPS called a big force and Ymaz unit who took Ibrahim Abidu, Muhammad Hussein Abu Mariya, Abdullah Awad Al-Abayat and Amir, Muhair al-Shahatit, from the sections and moved them to the isolation section and placed in solitary cells.

Yamaz unit stormed three cells, handcuffed all the detainees, and put them in bathroom where they are searched. They were held from 3:30 pm until 11:30 pm handcuffed inside the bathroom.


They added that after they returned to the cells they found that the  jailers destroyed everything and took off the clothes, the blankets, and poured the oil and sugar on the mattresses. They confiscated the electric machines, the television and the bags and the planks.

The isolated prisoners, are isolated in a very bad conditions and are not allowed to talk to the representative of the detainee or the representative of the organization, and they are forbidden to do everything, including bathing, and in the cells there is no heating, just give them two light covers. If any of them calls for anything the jailers enter and tie them with their feet and hands, pointing out that they have been tied for three days in the isolation.

The detainees returned the meals last Monday as a protest of banning them from meeting the detention representative. IPS reacted by searched the detainees naked , took their clothes  and gave them a light shirt and trousers, and stayed in this cold with light clothes from noon to night .

The institution called on the international human rights organizations , the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN Human Rights Council to intervene in order to force Israeli occupation authorities to put an end to the suffering of the detainees and to stop and expose violations of the occupation prisons.