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Israeli helicopters strike Hamas posts in Gaza
Israeli helicopters strike Hamas posts in Gaza
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Press TV, Gaza - Israeli helicopters have struck posts of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in the besieged Gaza Strip.


The Tel Aviv regime's military said in a statement on Monday that two Hamas posts were targeted in response to the latest launch of a "balloon-borne device" from Gaza.


"A cluster of balloons carrying an explosive device was launched from the southern Gaza Strip" towards Israel, the statement said.


A Palestinian official, however, said three military observation posts were hit.


Hours before the helicopter assault, Israeli warplanes launched a fresh airstrike against one of the positions of Hamas in the east of Beit Hanoun, a city in the northeast of Gaza.


Hamas says Israel must be held fully accountable for the crimes it has committed in the besieged enclave. 


Reacting to the latest airstrikes, the head of Hamas, Ismail Haniya, warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against any "adventures" in the Gaza Strip ahead of Israeli elections next month.