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Arrangements reached to defuse escalating on Gaza and Gate of Mercy
Arrangements reached to defuse escalating on Gaza and Gate of Mercy
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Yossi Cohen director of Mossad and the Israeli National Security Adviser  Meir Ben-Shabbat, were able to halt the security deterioration along Gaza border last week, and at Arrahma gate in Al-Aqsa mosque, an informed Israeli source reported.

A serious of communications between Cohen and Ben-Shabbat and both of Cairo and Jordan leaded to contain the crisis. A package of arrangements are reached with Hamas movement in Gaza and Palestinian authority in Ramallah and the Islamic Waqef in occupied Jerusalem.

DEBKAfile’s Exclusive sources disclosed the content of the agreements and understandings procured by the two Israeli officials for cooling the two flashpoints:

  1. Jordan, which owns a custodial role for “Temple Mount’s Muslim sites” Al-Aqsa modque, accepted Israel’s position against converting the (Golden Gate) Gate of Mercy  into a mosque or place of Muslim prayer. At the same time, Israel agreed to keep archeologists from researching the ancient double-arched gate.
  2. If Jordan wanted to push the Palestinians of Jerusalem into a clash with Israel over “Temple Mount” Al-Aqsa mosque , Israel was ready and would resist any attempt to change the status quo which governs Jerusalem’s shrines.
  3. Israel, for its part, agreed to open the Gate of Mercy, which was blocked up and shuttered off and on for centuries, to visitors. At length, Amman accepted Israel’s position, Therefore, Al Aqsa worship last Friday, although expected to be chaotic and violent, passed without incident, after Jordanian government and security officials took a hand in keeping the peace.


It also added that the Palestinian Hamas movement, which governs the Gaza Strip, gave in to the demands put before them by three Egyptian intelligence generals who had been shuttling between Tel Aviv and Gaza City to broker a halt in the escalating violence. Hamas agreed to DE conflict the Gaza-Israeli border in five stages.

  1. An unfamiliar calm descended on the border on Saturday night, March 9, after the rampaging mobs were absent for the first time in weeks.
  2. Hamas undertook in the second stage to halt the explosive balloon assault on Israel areas. This harassment would die out day by day, said its authors, until it disappeared.

 The gangs responsible for burning tires to throw up clouds of choking black smoke over the border has been disbanded.

  1. Hamas guaranteed to halt rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from Gaza and also prevent other organizations from conducting these attacks.
  2. Mohammed Al-Amadi, Qatar’s ambassador to Gaza, is due to arrive in the territory. But he won’t deliver the $15m remittance he has paid out in recent months, but instead, present Hamas rulers with a plan for creating jobs for the distressed population.
  3.  The program was compiled in cooperation with  Nickolay Mladenov, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and is financed by the oil emirate.