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Hamad: pressure continues to remove Hamas from Terrorism list
Hamad: pressure continues to remove Hamas from Terrorism list
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Ghazi Hamad, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, affirmed in a press conference organized by the Government Media Office yesterday that the image of the Palestinian Government in Gaza and Hamas movement has positively changed in the minds of  Arab and western communities.

He stressed that the international public opinion started to believe that the policy of political isolation and blockade proved its failure and it does not work any more.

He mentioned that the government managed to held several tours to many countries such as Turkey, Qatar, Morocco, Sudan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Hamad stressed that the Palestinian division between Gaza and the West Bank is the most important obstacle that hinders strengthening the relations with European countries.

“We are trying now to practice pressure on the powerful countries to remove Hamas from the international terrorism list which lead the political isolation of the Gaza Strip for many years,” said Hamad.

Hamad referred to the double standers policy of some European countries in putting Hamas in the terrorism list whilst considering the Israeli occupation not terrorist despite its continuous aggressions and crimes against Palestinian people.

Hamad said that the solidarity delegation that entered the Gaza Strip aimed to support the Palestinian issue, the legal right of Palestinians and the Palestinian unity, refuting the allegations of the PA that it increased the Palestinian internal division.

He mentioned that 240 solidarity delegations including 6500 activists entered the Gaza Strip since the recent offensive that took place in 14 November 2012. He pointed out that 913 activists visited Gaza during the last month.