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IPS installs jamming devices in section "7" in "Raymond" prison
IPS installs jamming devices in section
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Occupied West Bank, ALRAY- Israeli prison service (IPS) of "Raymond" prison transferred Monday morning all the prisoners held in Section 1 to Section 7 in the prison after the installation of jamming devices inside it.


The prisoners and ex-prisoners' affairs said in a statement, there are a state of tension and provocation among prisoners after installation of the devices.


According to the statement, the IPS had installed jamming devices in several prisons such as Naqab, Rimon and Ofer on the recommendations of the so-called "Ardan Committee" to tighten the screws on the detainees, causing tension to the prisoners.


These devices cause to the prisoners pain in the head, and may cause chronic and dangerous diseases in the long term.