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Ex-prisoners on Hunger Strike in Solidarity with the Prisoners
Ex-prisoners on Hunger Strike in Solidarity with the Prisoners
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The females released since 1967 onwards took the initiative in going on hunger strike in solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners in the Israeli jails.

Chairwoman of the Board of Palestinian Developmental Women Studies Association Mariam Abu Daqqa said on Sunday in a press conference before the UN commissioner's headquarters in Gaza "this step is simultaneous with the Woman's Day; it comes to underline the woman's vital role in struggle and in supporting the Palestinian issue; particularly the prisoners."

"As Palestinian and freed prisoners who touched the bitter occupation and imprisonment, we through our solidarity sit-in came to deliver a message to the local and international human rights organizations that they should take action to force the occupation to stop his crimes against the prisoners, last of which is the torture-to-death of Jaradat", Abu Daqqa added.

She called on the PA leadership to head to all the UN organizations in order for an action to help the prisoners and bringing the occupation to justice.

She also stressed on the necessity to improve the life conditions of all of the female prisoners and to work for assuring their dignity and rights of education, welfare and safe living. Moreover, she called for alleviating the stricken financial conditions of the female prisoners many of whom suffer from chronic diseases. 

Abu Daqqa emphasized the importance of woman presence at all stages of life, and of repealing all the laws which discriminate between man and woman, so as woman be an active participant of Palestine liberation.