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IOF detains five Palestinians in WB
IOF detains five Palestinians in WB
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces detained Sunday at dawn five Palestinians in raids to different cities of occupied West Bank.

Israeli army claimed that the detainees are wanted , and were moved to interrogation centers.

IOF detained four Palestinians after raiding their houses in Hebron, it released two of them later.

IOF detained the youth Samed Jaa'rah , son of an expelled ex-detainee, from Aroub camp northern Hebron and the youth Sami Attete after raiding his house.

In southern Hebron, IOF detained Obayda and Mahmoud Arrajabee after raiding their house, they were released later.

IOF also detained the disabled Omar al-Bakree ,20, at a military checkpoint in Halhoul bridge to the north of Hebron.

In Ramallah, IOF raided Jalazoun camp Sunday at dawn and detained two youths after ransacking their houses.

Sources reported that IOF detained the youth Othman Nakhlah from his house after ransacking his house.

It also detained Ya'qoup Husain from his house in the camp and took him to disclosed location.