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Female students denied knowledge circles in Al Aqsa
Female students denied knowledge circles in Al Aqsa
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The Israeli police denied on Monday morning all female students of knowledge circles access to the Al Aqsa Mosque without giving reasons.

Specialist in Jerusalem Affairs Jamal Omar said "the police prevented the students from entering via the Al Aqsa Gates since early morning; they are being trapped outside Al Aspat Gate."

He explained that "the trapped students were chanting slogans like 'we'll sacrifice ourselves for the Al Aqsa Mosque'", expressing their discontent about the decision denying them to enter the Mosque. They insisted on their right to learn and defend the Holy place.

"Israeli police reinforced their presence in the courtyards of the Mosque and at the gates, and threatened to arrest the female students if they did not leave the place", Omar added, pointing out that the police allowed entry for male  students.

Last Thursday morning, the Israeli policemen blocked the way on 55 male and female students heading to the Al Aqsa courtyards, as a punishment for their standing in the way of the storming extremist settlers.

A few days earlier, the Holy Mosque saw many attempts by fanatic settlers and Israeli authorities to storm the holy place. On Friday, 75 injuries have been recorded as a result of the Israeli arbitrary violence against the Palestinians who protested at the Israeli soldiers' offense to Muslims and their sacred scripture –Quran- and to regulars of the Holy Mosque.