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Israeli officials call to take decisive step against Gaza, coming weeks is fateful
Israeli officials call to take decisive step against Gaza, coming weeks is fateful
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli senior officials carefully watch the coming weeks, expecting either continuing the ceasefire or breaking out a new war against Gaza strip, Hebrew sources reported.    


Sources reported that Israeli officials call to re-adopting the assassination policy against Hamas leaders in Gaza, paying Hamas a stiff price over the rockets that launched from Gaza.   

Reshet Bet, Hebrew site quoted Israeli Minister Hanegbi says that the coming weeks will be decisive , regarding  the tension between Israel and Gaza

Commenting on the security situation , he said Israel, in no way, will return to the scenes of last war against Gaza.

Benny Gantz, the head of the Israeli opposition movement, demanded that the Palestinian resistance be attacked.

Maariv Hebrew newspaper reported that Gantas criticized  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying: "Netanyahu can only speak , the continued firing of rockets from Gaza means that Netanyahu has lost force of deterrence.


He called to pay Hamas a stiff price over its actions.

Israeli Knesset member Moti Yogev stressed the need to return to the policy of assassinating Palestinian resistance leaders in the Gaza Strip.

Yogev said to 4040 Hebrew site that Israeli army followed a false equation against the Gaza Strip, where it faced the burning of agricultural fields in the south with the game of reducing and expanding the fishing area in Gaza.

He added that Israeli government should not abandon the inhabitants of Gaza settlements , we must take the initiative and defeat terrorism through the assassination of its leaders.

Israeli air forces waged Thursday at dawn a strike against agriculture land in southern Gaza strip, claiming that a rocket fired from Gaza has landed in Ashkol settlement.

The spokesperson of Israeli army announced Wednesday night imposing a maritime blockade on Gaza over the continuance of firing incendiary balloons towards the Israeli communities nearby Gaza.