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Palestinians warn of Israeli scheme to judaize neighborhoods in Jerusalem
Palestinians warn of Israeli scheme to judaize neighborhoods in Jerusalem
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Jerusalem, ALRAY – Member of Silwan defense committee, Fakhri Abu Diab, warned of an Israeli scheme aiming at Judaizing Wadi Al-Homs and surrounding neighborhoods, by constructing more settlements in the area disrupt the demographic balance in favor of Israeli settlers. The scheme aims to prevent the growth of Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem and to enforce Jerusalemites to vacate.

In a press statement, Abu Diab said that this scheme comes within the frame of the so-called “Jerusalem envelope” which targets whole neighborhoods and villages in Jerusalem, including Wadi Al-Joz, Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and Sowana villages. According to scheme, the old city will be surrounded by settlements and linked with the “green line” western of Jerusalem to obliterate the feature of 1967 borders.

Israeli authorities are actually implementing their plans in the city by taking over houses, including in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Umm Haroun, where there are notices of demolition of 118 apartments with different pretexts, in conjunction with its intention to establish 387 new settlement units and survey any Arab traces in the area, he explained.


Abu Diab referred to the Israeli efforts to establish four tunnels in four streets in the capital, one of which is to complete the light train project between the eastern and western parts of the city, preamble to the annexation of areas within the scheme called "Greater Jerusalem."