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Rezqa condemns Abbas’ statements
Rezqa condemns Abbas’ statements
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4th November 2012

Dr. Yousef Rezqa, political advisor of the Prime Minister, today said,PA President Mahmoud Abbas should have stuck to the Right of Return to the lands of our fathers, and not relinquished it so easily."

He added that Palestinian and Jordanian law with-holds citizenship from those who sell their lands to Israelis.

Abbas told Israel's Channel 2 that the West Bank and Gaza are Palestine and the [rest] is Israel. This is a clear statement that he has abandonedhistorical Palestine and the right of return."

Dr. Rezqa stressed that all Palestinians condemn Abbas’ remarks, and he demanded that Palestinian youth as well as all Palestinian factions de-legitimize him with the slogan "Abbas doesn't represent me."

He added that Abbas’ remarks "…have nothing to do with politics or diplomatic maneuvers, as his supporters claim."