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Israeli civil administration advances 2430 settlement units in WB
Israeli civil administration advances 2430 settlement units in WB
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West Bank, ALRAY - Higher Planning Committee convened in the Civil Administration and advanced 2430 new housing units in occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem, Peace Now organization reported Sunday.

It explained in a statement that Israeli occupation authorities will re-construct four settlement sites that were evacuated previously, without giving any details.

Jerusalem post paper reported that Israeli cabinet agreed few days ago on constructing 700 housing units for Palestinians in C area and 6,000 housing units for the settlers. Currently, the locations of the housing units promoted are still unknown

C area constitutes 60%of occupied West Bank, that is under full Israeli power up to Oslo agreement.

Palestinian, Israeli and international right organizations said that Israeli government tighten its fist on Palestinian constructions in C area and demolishing many buildings under the pretext of unlicensed building.

Settlement construction contradicts all international norms and the Charter of the United Nations. Despite the issuance of a series of international resolutions against the Israeli settlement project, and demand the dismantling and stop building, Israeli occupation turns cold shoulders.

Resolution 2334 of the UN Security Council on December 23, 2016, calling for an immediate and complete cessation of settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.