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Israel still seizes the bodies of 253 martyrs
Israel still seizes the bodies of 253 martyrs
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities held the body of 253 Palestinian martyrs in the number cemetery and 45 bodies in the refrigerators, National campaign reported.  

The coordinator of the campaign, Salwa Hammad said in a statement Monday that the official and popular efforts are ongoing until returning the bodies, noting that are other efforts to raise their cause internationally.   

They announced the 27th August as the national day for returning the bodies of martyrs. They organized many popular activities to celebrate that day and calling for returning the martyrs' bodies.

The occupation authorities are still holding about 253 martyrs in private graves called "numbers cemmetry". The occupation had buried 4 martyrs in those graves, after their bodies were being held in refrigerators

Israeli occupation authorities have been holding the bodies of Palestinian martyrs for long years, using them as a mean to return their captures soldiers in Gaza.

The Knesset approved in February 2018 with preimary reading of the same law, 57 members of the "Knesset," voted in favor, 11  against , and 11 deputies abstained from voting.


The law gave the Israeli occupation police the right to held the martyrs' bodies

and imposes conditions on the funeral ceremony, the location and manner of the burial.

Under the draft law, Israeli police does not return bodies unless they get sure that the funeral will not be a chance to support terrorism and incitement.

The number cemetery is a closed military site , where Israeli occupation forces buried the bodies of Palestinian martyrs , The tombstones are marked with plates with numbers instead of the names of the martyrs. Access to them is prohibited, either by their relatives or by human rights institutions.