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Israel destroys Palestinian water sources in WB
Israel destroys Palestinian water sources in WB
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces stormed Sunday morning Qaon plain near Bardala town in the northern Jordan valley and destroyed a water tank used for agriculture purposes.

Official in charge of valley issues Mu'taz Besharat said that IOF destroyed a water tank that irrigates lands in Qaon plain, noting that IOF claimed that it is located in C area.

The Palestinian farmer, Mohammed Sawafta said that Israeli systematic policy of attacking water sources in Bardala, Kardala, and Ain Al-Bida town is recently accelerated, thus it will destroy the irrigated agriculture in the area.

He stressed that about 8.000 dunams of agriculture lands faces unknown fate because of Israeli measures, especially after changing the entire water network in the region, in order to deprive Palestinians of benefiting from them, causing the cut off the main water source.