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Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 22, 2019)
Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (August 22, 2019)
Alray International Media Watch
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Alray International Media Watch section is a daily press tour through selected international websites and newspapers, particularly the Israeli ones.

This section is prepared by Alray Palestinian Media Agency to update its viewers with the most Palestinian top news in the international press.

Yedioth Ahronoth:

U.S. President Donald Trump beat back criticism of his comments accusing American Jews who vote for Democrats of "great disloyalty" and went a step further on Wednesday, saying any vote for a Democrat is a vote against “Israel”. Further details


A Palestinian man was arrested Wednesday after trying to strangle an employee at the Israeli-operated Allenby Terminal crossing between the West Bank and Jordan. Further details


Showing a fresh willingness to play politics along religious lines, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that American Jewish people who vote for Democrats show “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” Further details


The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by ac construction company who refused to sell a home in Jerusalem to an Arab couple. Further details


The settlers in Hebron have demanded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allow Jews to resettle what is now the city's old abandoned market, days before the 90th anniversary of the riots in the West Bank city in which dozens of local Jews were killed. Further details


The Jerusalem Post:

The number 4 candidate in Blue and White, Former "IDF" Chief of Staff MK Gabi Ashkenazi said Thursday that his party would not invite the Joint Arab List to a coalition. Further details


“IDF” fighter jets attacked a number of “terrorist targets” along the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning according to the “IDF” spokesperson. Further details


US President Donald Trump doubled down on Wednesday over tweets he posted on Tuesday questioning the loyalty of Jews who vote Democratic, adding fuel to an already incendiary political uproar. Further details


It's been a long night for residents in the south, as two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening and then again early Thursday morning. Further details


The death of a prominent political and social activist who fled from the Gaza Strip to Bosnia and Herzegovina has shocked many people in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. Further details


Ambassador Danny Danon met with the parents of Lt. Hadar Goldin, whose body is being held by Hamas, on Wednesday. Further details


“Israel's” envoy is lying about normalized ties with the Arab world, PLO Ambassador Riyad Mansour told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, as he explained that the only path to peace and Middle East security was a two-state solution at the pre-1967 lines. Further details


“Israel” should cooperate with Hamas to stabilize the security situation for the residents of southern Israel, former “IDF” Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yair Golan said. Further details


Palestinians on Tuesday warned against Israel’s intention to encourage residents of the Gaza Strip to emigrate and held the Israeli government responsible for the “suffering” of the nearly 2,000,000 Palestinians living in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. Further details


Despite the siege and aggression on the Gaza Strip, Gaza is not hostile to anyone and there's enough love to be distributed to the whole world, said Khader Habib, an official from the Islamic Jihad “terrorist group”, on Monday, according to the Palestinian Sawa news agency. Further details


In the wake of recent “terrorist” attacks and rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Hamas has threatened to escalate the situation if Israel does not commit to allowing the transfer of Qatari money to Gaza at the same time as the electricity supply increases, a member of the “terrorist” organization told the Lebanese newspaper Al-Ahbar. Further details


“Israel” is actively encouraging the emigration of Palestinians from Gaza, a senior Israeli official told reporters accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his current trip to Ukraine. Further details


The Times of Israel:

Israel’s top Arab lawmaker, Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh, said he is willing under certain conditions to join a center-left government, in a reversal of the longstanding opposition of Arab-majority parties to joining a coalition. Further details


Yamina party leaders on Wednesday introduced their plan to solve Israel’s housing crisis, proposing the construction of over 110,000 new apartments in the northern West Bank that would serve as home to half a million Israelis. Further details


The latest tit-for-tat fighting between Hamas and “Israel” continued throughout the night Thursday with Israeli planes striking a round of fresh targets in the Gaza Strip belonging to the “terror group” after a second rocket was fired from the coastal enclave toward Israeli towns. Further details


A rocket was fired at “Israel” from the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning, the military said. Further details


Israeli planes struck Hamas naval targets off the coast of the Gaza Strip early Thursday, the latest tit-for-tat cross-border fighting that has set the restive region on edge. Further details


 “Israel’s” prime minister on Wednesday steered clear of Donald Trump’s comments questioning the loyalty of American Jews who support the Democratic Party, in sharp contrast to the tide of condemnation from Jewish critics who accused him of trafficking in anti-Semitic stereotypes. Further details


US President Donald Trump on Wednesday tried to clarify that when he said Jews who vote for Democrats are being “disloyal,” he meant they were abandoning their support for Israel and the Jewish people. Further details


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to go head to head with US President Donald Trump over his administration’s peace plan if it contains demands rejected by Israel’s government, a senior Israeli official said on Tuesday. Further details


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday lashed out at Democrats over what he claimed was their lack of support for Israel, suggesting that American Jews who intend to vote for his rival party in the 2020 elections would be displaying “great disloyalty.” Further details


The family of prominent Palestinian politician Nabil Shaath accused Egyptian authorities on Wednesday of arresting Shaath’s son Ramy last month. Further details


A Palestinian man tried to strangle an off-duty “IDF” soldier at the Allenby Bridge border crossing on Wednesday, the army said. Further details