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Israel commits 43 violations against Palestinian journalists: GMO
  • Gaza News
  • 09:09 01 September 2019
Israel commits 43 violations against Palestinian journalists: GMO
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces committed 43 violations against Palestinian journalists during last August, Governmental Media Office reported.

A monthly report issued by Governmental Media Office based in Gaza explained that IOF committed eight typs of violations against the journalists.

It documented 11 cases of physical assault against journalists, four of them against journalists in Gaza Strip while covering the weekly demonstration along Gaza Strip, they are Hatem Omar with a rubber bullet, Osama al-Kahlout with a live bullet, Ali Jad Allah and Ibraheem Marsala with a rubber bullet.

It also assaulted seven Palestinian journalists in occupied Jerusalem and West Bank, they are Eyad Hamad firing teargas at him, Suhaib Salhab with a rubber bullet, Hasan Sha'lan beat him severly, Thaer Assareef with a teargas and broken his wife's hand , Hadeel, Tawfeeq Salbeia and Muatasem al-Hait.

It also detained four journalists from West Bank, they are Muhammed Ateeq, Abd al-Muhsen Shalalda, Mais Abu Ghus and Hasan Dabus, while extended the detention Mustafa Kharoof, and Samee Aasee, and summoned five others.

It also documented three case in which Israeli forces used beat and fires to deprive the journalists from covering Israeli crimes, it also banned the journalists Majdouleen Hasona and Fathee Sabah from travel.

The report also documented five cases in which Israeli forces sealed Yabous Cultural Center; the Facebook and YouTube administration launched an unprecedented campaign against Palestinian activists and journalists on social media sites, including the deletion of accounts, publications, channels, banning and closure.

Israeli occupation forces raided seven houses of Palestinian journalists and cultural and media institutions, and it forced one journalists to pay a fine before releasing him.

The report documented three cases in which Israeli Prison Service committed violation against Palestinian detainee journalists; the prisoner Bassam Sayeh was subjected to deliberate medical negligence, which led to the deterioration of his health. As well as threatening the journalist Mustafa al-Kharouf from time to time of alienation from Jerusalem.