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Gazze Destek Association launches annual report on humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip
Gazze Destek Association launches annual report on humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip
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 Istanbul, ALRAY - On the occasion of The International Day of Charity and 13 years after the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, Gazze Destek Association, which specializes in humanitarian affairs in Gaza Strip Have held a press conference to launch the annual report on the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip in 11 different languages, in the presence of international institutions, donors and media coverage in Istanbul.


In this statement released by Gazze Destek Association, Mr. Abdul Majed Al-Aloul, The General Manager of GDD, reviewed the reality of the sector, which was the worst over the years of siege.


He recorded tragic humanitarian figures that was the highest in the world in the fields of unemployment 52%, poverty 53% and water pollution 95%, and the daily power outage rate that reached 75%, and warned against An imminent disaster in the Gaza Strip as the year 2020 approaches, when Gaza will not be liveable according to UN estimates.


The World Bank has confirmed that Gaza Economy situation was the worst in the world over the last two decades,and accordingly, Al-Aloul called on the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League states to play their role in ending the illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip, and called on donor institutions to participate and interact in an international campaign to support Gaza under the title "Gaza... The pulse won't stop."


For his part, "Ömer Taşlı,” Regional Representative of the Islamic Committee of the International Crescent of North Asia and Europe, said that the health situation in the Gaza Strip is getting worse more and more, adding that the rate of medicines shortage is 50% and lack of medical supplies is 27% , the power outages in hospitals had left bad impact on the health of patients, and in the same vein, “Taşlı” announced the launch of the campaign "Healing Balm... So that the pulse does not stop" in order to provide medicines, medical supplies and solar energy systems to hospitals and to work on the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured and disabled persons.


The Chairman of the Run4 Foundation in the Netherlands, Anne Jellema, addressed the impact of the blockade on sheltering in the Gaza Strip and the destruction and damage caused by Israeli attacks to 77% of homes in the Gaza Strip, and in return, the very slow reconstruction process led to tens of thousands of families homeless and displaced. and more than 4,000 houses are not suitable for human habitation, as well as the need to establish 207,000 housing units for the Gaza Strip by 2021, and also called on the relevant international authorities to pressure the occupation to abolish the GRM mechanism that slows the reconstruction process, and called on donor institutions to launch the campaign " Reconstruction and sheltering ... So that the pulse doesn't stop" in order to help the displaced and the poor families rebuild and rehabilitate their homes.


 In a related context, Caner KÖKTAŞ, representing the Gazze Destek Association, explained the difficult educational reality with the start of the new academic year, which threatens 65,000 university students to inability to attend their universities, and 450,000 school children were unable to provide uniforms and school bags, In addition to the high-density rate to 40 students per class, The teachers only received 50% of their salaries which has had a negative impact on their performance, and therefore, KÖKTAŞ called on the donor institutions to launch a campaign to support the education sector under the title "Learn is my Right ... So that the pulse does not stop," to provide university scholarships to students in the Strip, to pay accumulated fees for the graduates, to provide solar energy systems to universities and schools, in addition, to Provide literacy programs for people with disabilities and to encourage and support vocational and technical education.


At the end of the conference and after honouring the donor institutions that provided assistance to the Gaza Strip during 2018, all participants announced the launch of the campaign "Gaza ... The pulse won`t stop" to save the health, education and shelter Sectors, which are the urgent and most needy sectors for the continuation of the pulse of life in the Gaza Strip by 2020.