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Netanyahu hints to military operation in Gaza
  • Gaza News
  • 10:09 12 September 2019
Netanyahu hints to military operation in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israel will embark on a widescale campaign in Gaza but it will not happen until the country is ready; 'I don't base my policy on tweets, Israeli Prime Minister threatened Thursday.  

" there’s no other option but “to overthrow the Hamas regime” in the Gaza Strip,"  Netanyahu said in an interview with Kan Reshet Bet Radio shortly before his flight to Moscow.

Netanyahu is exposed to widespread criticism, from within the coalition government and the opposition, regarding his policy towards the Gaza Strip. He is also subjected to  international criticism following the announcement of his intention to annex the Jordan Valley for "Israel."

Netanyahu seeks to win the September 17 elections at all costs to ensure remaining as a prime minister and to prevent the possibility of being tried in three criminal cases in which he is accused of "receiving and paying bribes, dishonesty and deceit."

The Israeli parties are to run for the next elections, which will be the second this year after the elections in April.