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An agreement ended the hunger strike of detainees
An agreement ended the hunger strike of detainees
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West Bank, ALRAY - An agreement reached between leaders of detainees' affairs and Israeli prison intelligence Wednesday evening, Israeli, Israeli prison services vowed to implement a set of demands of the prisoners against the jamming devices, noting that the actual implementation starts Thursday morning, commission of detainees and ex-detainees' affairs reported.        

The commission said that the agreement provides for the return of all striking prisoners to the prisons from which they were removed, and to begin to address and reduce jamming devices that affect the health of prisoners and on radio and television frequencies, and to start installing and operating public telephones 5 days a week.

Among the provisions of the agreement, allowing prisoners from Gaza to move to the Negev Prison, and lift all penalties on the prisoners who have been on hunger strike for 15 days.

It said that the striking prisoners will continue their strike tomorrow, to ensure the commitment of the IPS to implement the terms of the agreement, especially the reduction and removal of jamming devices starting tomorrow morning.

the prisoners on September 10 of this year, specifically in the detention of "Raymond" re-confront with IPS after denying the agreement that was reached last April, and included the same demands for the removal of jamming devices and the installation of public phones and other demands. During the past days, several sessions of meeting with the IPS were doomed to failure until the agreement was concluded this evening.