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Controversy argument in Israeli cabinet over transferring funds to PA
Controversy argument in Israeli cabinet over transferring funds to PA
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West Bank, ALRAY - Spat arguments took place during the cabinet session on Sunday regarding the transfer of clearing funds to the Palestinian Authority, Hebrew channel 13 reported.

The channel said that the arguments took place between the Israeli minister of finance Moshe Kahlon and both the minister of transportation Btsalal Smotric and the minister of environmental quality Zeev Alkin. Smotric and Alkin criticized transferring funds to PA, while Kahlon defended the decision as saying that the funds are Palestinian money that PA refused to receive them previously.  

The channel pointed out that the head of Shin Bet Nadav Argman and the head of the research department of the Intelligence services Dror Shalom supported that the decision, saying that it is an important step to improve the economic conditions of PA to prevent its collapse," We must help the Palestinian Authority, it is important to strengthen it," they said.

They also argued during the session over not implementing the law of deducing the salary bill of prisoners and martyrs and the monthly deduction that includes only the value of the bills of prisoners' salaries, not martyrs, where it was agreed to work annexed to the value of the salary bill of martyrs during the coming period to deduct it from clearing funds.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to held a separate session to discuss the matter.