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Egyptian doctors: we deal with “unusual injuries” in Gaza
Egyptian doctors: we deal with “unusual injuries” in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY- Egyptian medical delegation on Tuesday ended his visit to the Gaza Strip after conducting several complicated surgeries for injured civilians of Great Return Marches (GRM).

 “The Egyptian team conducted 44 surgeries and more than 672 other cases, most of these surgeries were in orthopedics for injured Palestinians who participated in Great Return March,” Ministry of Health said in a press release.

Chief of delegation orthopedic consultant Hesham Farhoud said that his team examined, during their stay in the strip, hundreds of cases and injuries.

 He described the injuries resulted by the Israeli occupation forces targeting civilians in GRM as “unusual”.

 “There is a serious deficiency in medical equipment which faces local medical crews in Gaza,” Farhoud added.

 He went on to say that the availability of medical means and equipment in Gaza will contribute to mitigating the suffering of patients in the strip.

The visit of the Egyptian medical delegation from the Nile Valley Hospital is the second of its kind during 2019, as a previous delegation specialized in medical and surgical care of the eyes preceded it.

 It’s noteworthy to mention that the people of the Gaza Strip have been suffering disastrous economical and humanitarian conditions for 13 years in a row, when “Israel” imposed its unjust siege against all aspects of life in the coastal enclave in 2006.