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Detainees commission condemns detaining the minor Ghannam
Detainees commission condemns detaining the minor Ghannam
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West Bank, ALRAY - On his 12 Birthday, Commission of detainees and ex-detainees' affairs condemned the arresting of Palestinian minor Suliman Ghannam,12, from Qalqilya.

The commission said in a statement that arresting the minor Ghannam in part of its policy that targeted Palestinian children. Israeli occupation forces and intelligence services violate all international norms and conventions that stated to protect the childhood's rights.

The commission hold Israeli occupation authorities the responsibility of detaining Ghannam, warning of using illegal measures obtain confession from him.

Israeli occupation authorities persist committing crimes against Palestinian minors; Palestinian childhood is in grave and permanent danger in light of the silence of the international community towards the Israeli violations of international law and the Convention of the Rights of the Child.