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Three Palestinian detainees persist their hunger strike
Three Palestinian detainees persist their hunger strike
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West Bank, ALRAY - Three Palestinian detainees persisted their hunger strike on protest against their administrative detention, Commission of detainees affairs reported Sunday.

The commission identified the three as Ismail Ali on hunger strike since 110, Ahmad Zahran on hunger strike since 50, and Musa'b Al-Hindi on hunger strike since 48.

The commission reported that the detainee Ali suffers critical health conditions and problems in sight,  he lost 20 kilogram and could not walk.  It noted that Its vital organs may experience relapse due to lack of salts and fluids in the body.

The commission pointed out that Zahran and Al-Hindi, suffer from weakness in the body ,severe fatigue, and they are in the clinic of Ramla and refuse to get subsidies or any medical tests.