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Four Palestinian detainees at Israeli jails still on hunger strike
Four Palestinian detainees at Israeli jails still on hunger strike
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Ramallah, ALRAY - Four Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation jails keep their open-ended hunger strike in protest against their administrative detention without charge or trial.


Commission of Detainees’ Affairs said that the hunger strikers were identified as prisoner Ismael Ali, on strike for 111 days, prisoner Ahmad Zahran, on strike for 51 days, Musab al-Hindi, on strike for 49, and lastly prisoner Jacob Hussein who entered his hunger strike since the end of October in protest against his solitary confinement.


The commission added that prisoner Ali has entered difficult health conditions, where he suffers from extreme exhaustion, and significant vision impairment, as he has lost 20kg of his weight and cannot move on his own unless he uses a wheelchair.


The commission noted that vital organs in Ali’s body might deteriorate due to a loss of sodium and body fluids.


It pointed out that prisoners Zahran and al-Hindi are suffering from body weakness and extreme exhaustion, adding that both of them are held at al-Ramleh prison clinic and are refusing to have any support or medical examinations.


Attempting to break their will, Israeli authorities imposes a series of punitive measures against Palestinian hunger strikers.


These measures include putting the hunger striker prisoners in solitary confinement which lacks key ingredients to life, banning them from family visits, transferring them frequently among jails, subjecting them to provocations and psychological stress, and conducting daily search campaigns against their cells.


According to Palestinian figures, about 5,700 Palestinians, including 48 women and 250 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.