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Israel expropriate 6.850 lands of West Bank in few days: Al-Quds center
Israel expropriate 6.850 lands of West Bank in few days: Al-Quds center
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli Civil Administration distributed 51 notices to confiscate Palestinian lands in West Bank, the total area of West Bank that Israel expropriated ups to 6.850 dunams, Al-Quds center reported Monday.  

Expropriating more Palestinian lands of West Bank coincided with submitting project drafts by the deputies of the ruling racist coalition in Israel to Israeli Knesset.  

"After examining the military orders, it became clear that most of the orders backed to the years of 2002 and 2006, that issued for constructing the separation wall. Israeli civil administration renewed the orders of confiscations every 3 or 5 years," the center noted.  

The center added that thus there is no opportunity for legal objection due to the expiry of the legal deadlines for objection, and these deadlines have been exhausted for some years.


Some distributed notices include orders to renew or modify the previous notices, therefore the administration could expropriate more lands that were not included in the old orders.

Th center explained that the administration plans to establish an industrial zone adjunct to Etzion settlement and to construct a road to connect the settlement units in Bethlehem.  

It also plans to construct roads for the settlements on the lands that it expropriated in Hizma and Anata area in occupied Jerusalem.

The center noted that Israeli civil administration uses the security pretext to expropriate Palestinian lands; plan of separation wall shows the wide areas that are expropriated under security pretexts.  

It pointed out that the notice orders state to consider the 150 meters that adjunct to the confiscated area as a security zone, thus Palestinian could not used it for any purpose even for grazing.  

By adding the 150 meters to the expropriated area along the separation wall , the total confiscated area is much larger than the old and renewed orders, and it is, under Israeli law,  un-allowed to object the confiscating these areas of land under.