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First day of Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip
  • Gaza News
  • 07:11 17 November 2019
First day of  Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip
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Gaza Strip, ALRAY - Israeli warplanes assassinated Tuesday at dawn Baha Abu Al-Atta , a prominent leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, while sleeping in his bedroom in Al-Shojaeya neighborhood east of Gaza City.   

Palestinian ministry of health confirmed that Baha Abu Ata was killed along with his wife and three of his sons were injured.

By assassinating Abu Ata, Israeli occupation authorities breached the ceasefire agreement that was brokered byEgypt, between Israeli occupation and Palestinian factions in Gaza strip.

Israeli rockets rained down continuously  on Gaza Strip, stroking Palestinian facilities, agriculture lands, Palestinian security and resistance sites.

In the first day of Israeli aggression onGaza, ten Palestinian killed by the Israeli strikes and more than 50 injured.

Palestinian factions defended the Israeli aggression against the armless citizens ofGazaby firing a barrage of rockets againstIsrael"occupied Palestinian lands".  

The martyrs are identified as follows:

Bahaa Salim Hassan Abu Al-Ata, 42, his wife Asmaa Mohammed Hassan Abu Al-Ata, 39.

Mohammed Attieh Musleh Hamouda, 20.

 Zaki Adnan Mohammed Ghanama, 25.

 Ibrahim Ahmed Abdullatif Al-Dabous, 26.

 Abdullah Awad Saqib Al-Bilbeisi, 26.

Abdul Salam Ramadan Ahmed, 28.

Mohammed Salah Hassan Abu Shakal, 31.

Rani Fayez Rajab Abu Alnasr, 31 .

The identity of the tenth martyr still not identified.

Israeli warplanes stroke in the first day an agriculture land east of Shijaiya with 3 missiles, and another land with two missiles in Jahr al-Dik, east of al-Buraij. The Israeli military aircrafts targeted agricultural land in Khan Younis, southernGaza, an agricultural land in Nuseirat, agricultural land in the northern Gaza Strip, and agricultural land northeast of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes also bombed the house of Abu al-Atta family east of Shuja'iya, a house belonging to the family of Amor east of Khan Younis and an apartment in Sheikh Ajlin in theGazaCity.

Palestinian ministry of education based inGazaannounced the suspension of study in all schools ofGazastrip until further notice.  

International and Arab contacts are made to reach a cease fire and resort calm again betweenIsraeland Palestinian factions.

Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip is still continued.