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Loss resulted from latest Israeli aggression on Gaza worth $3.1 million: Ministry of Public Works
  • Gaza News
  • 09:11 18 November 2019
Loss resulted from latest Israeli aggression on Gaza worth $3.1 million: Ministry of Public Works
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Gaza, ALRAY - The latest Israeli aggression against besieged Gaza Strip has left large-scale material losses of about $3.1 million, Deputy Minister of Housing and Public Works in Gaza engineer Naji Sarhan stated.


Sarhan said, in a press release on Sunday, that these losses included partial damage of 500 housing units, and very severe and complete damages of 30 housing units which worth $2 million.


He added that the losses in the agricultural sector estimated at about $500,000 and included severe damages to several farmlands, irrigation systems, and fishing boats.


The deputy minister indicated that a cost of $300,000 is estimated for the losses in the Infrastructure sector which included damages to water and sanitation systems, and power and road networks.


As to the economic sector, Sarhan went on to say, the losses have been estimated at $100,000 and included damages to about 12 commercial enterprises.


Sarhan also indicated that several vehicles as well as other transportation means were damaged during the recent Israeli aggression against Gaza and worth of about $100,000.


Furthermore, Sarhan said that the latest Israeli aggression also inflicted damages to several government institutions, estimated at nearly $100,000 and included 15 schools, 2 education directorates, and one security building.


He confirmed that the latest aggression against Gaza has deepened the humanitarian tragedy in the blockaded strip resulting from the unjust siege, the most extreme form of collective punishments in the world, imposed by the Israeli occupation for over 14 years in a row.


Sarhan stressed that the periodic wars and assaults launched by the Israeli occupation against Gaza has aggravated the humanitarian, economical and social crises in the strip and destroyed its infrastructures and institutions using excessive deadly force.


In the same context, Sarhan pointed out that the ministry is still continuing efforts to reconstruct the demolished homes of Palestinians who lost their houses during the Israeli assaults on the Gaza Strip, particularly the 2014 bloody assault, indicating that there is at least 2000 housing units which are still in need of funding to get them reconstructed.


Sarhan called upon president Mahmoud Abbas to provide urgent support for the families who suffered losses and damages due to the Israeli aggression, as he appealed to the GCC, EU and friendly countries to provide the support necessary for completing Gaza reconstruction.


In addition, Sarhan called on donors and institutions to intervene to protect the Palestinian people in Gaza from the Israeli assaults and to work towards lifting the unjust siege imposed against the Strip.


Finally, the deputy minister stressed that his ministry continues to make every effort in coordination with international parties and institutions to remove the impacts of the Israeli aggressions against Gaza, and to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people there, as well as to continue with the reconstruction projects.