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Gaza needs for political progress: Mladenov
  • Gaza News
  • 09:11 21 November 2019
Gaza needs for political progress: Mladenov
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli-Palestinian Escalation in Gaza Shows urgent need for political progress on the Middle East peace process, which, in turn, calls for maintaining the international consensus on basic principles, the Special Coordinator of the peace process, Nikolai Mladenov told the Security Council Wednesday.

He stresses in a speech before the Security Council Wednesday that UN will exert its effort to ban any escalation despite all exceptions, added that it is needed to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

He noted that Hamas movement has to ensure the peaceful marches on the border fence, noting that the Israeli army must exercise restraint and not resort to lethal forces.

He went on to affirm the importance of holding credible Palestinian elections. “A whole generation’s voice for the future has yet to be heard,” he said, describing intra-Palestinian division as “a cancer eating away at the aspiration for statehood, peace and the commitment to democracy.” He pledged that the United Nations will do everything necessary to support a successful Palestinian election process.

Mladenov expressed regret with the 18 November announcement by the United States that it no longer views Israel’s settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory as inconsistent with international law, he stressed that the position of the United Nations remains that settlement activity is a flagrant violation of international law and an obstacle to a peaceful solution.