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Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (December 3, 2019)
Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (December 3, 2019)
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Alray International Media Watch section is a daily press tour through selected international websites and newspapers, particularly the Israeli ones.

This section is prepared by Alray Palestinian Media Agency to update its viewers with the most Palestinian top news in the international press.

Yedioth Ahronoth:

American billionaires are among the 333 witnesses who could be called to testify in criminal proceedings against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Further details


Jordan held a military drill simulating an attack on the Hashemite Kingdom's western border with Israel amid rising tensions with the Jewish state, Arab media reported on Monday. Further details


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a planned trip to the UK Tuesday, where he was to meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Further details


Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Monday officially submitted to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein the indictment drawn up by his office against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for fraud, bribery and breach of trust over three separate cases. Further details


A new report aired Sunday by Qatar's Al-Jazeera TV network claimed to reveal new details of a botched IDF" operation in Gaza last year that led to the death of a senior Israeli intelligence officer. Further" details


U.S. President Donald Trump spoke on Sunday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran and other issues, the White House said in a brief statement. Further details


Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday that he is planning the construction of a new Jewish neighborhood in the West Bank city of Hebron. Further details


Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Sunday that if he wins this month's general election, he would increase oversight of arms exports to ensure British-produced arms would not be used in conflicts abroad, naming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict among others. Further details


There has been "significant progress” in Egypt's mediation efforts with Hamas to achieve an agreement for calm in Gaza, Channel 13 News reported Sunday, citing Palestinian sources. Further details


Party leaders from Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing bloc have - for now - declined to sign a petition drafted by the prime minister's Likud party seeking a 14-day extension to the current period allowing any lawmaker to try to put together a coalition government. Further details


The Jerusalem Post:

A war against Iran and Hezbollah will see “Israel” pounded by over a thousand rockets per day, causing never-before-seen images in the Jewish State, an unnamed former senior officer from the Israeli Air Force told The Jerusalem Post. Further details


Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, will announce later today (Tuesday) his intention to file a resolution recognizing Jewish refugees from Arab countries, The Jerusalem Post has learned. Further details


Last month, Bernie Sanders wrote about his support for “Israel”, calling the nation an “enormous achievement” and “a democratic homeland for the Jewish people.” Further details


“Israel” has refused to grant officials from Malaysia access to Ramallah in light of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s antisemitic statements, The Jerusalem Post has learned. Further details


Christmas festivities have begun in the city of Bethlehem, starting with Saint Catherine’s Day, which was celebrated on Saturday, November 30. Further details


Naftali Bennett can remain defense minister even though his appointment to the position was not authorized by the Knesset, the legislature’s legal adviser Eyal Yinon told the High Court of Justice on Monday. Further details


 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump talked on the phone on Sunday, a conversation the White House said focused on Iran, and which Netanyahu characterized as “very important” for “Israel’s” security. Further details


Blue and White leader Benny Gantz reiterated that he will insist on going first in a rotation in the Prime Minister’s Office while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deals with his criminal cases, he told a meeting of his faction at the Knesset on Monday. Further details


Aaron’s Tomb, located in Jordan, will be reopened to Israeli visitors after being closed in August when Israeli tourists were filmed performing “Jewish rituals” at the site, according to Maariv. Further details


Talks concerning an agreement between the Hamas “terrorist group” and “Israel” have renewed in the past two days said Hamas officials to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar on Friday, according to Ynet. Further details


Over 1,500 rockets and mortars have been fired towards “Israel” over the past year from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and over two dozen fired from Syria, a significant increase in the past four years. Further details


The Times of Israel:

Nearly a third of residents in the north and south of Israel are considering moving due to security concerns, a new poll released Tuesday said. Further details


Ireland’s foreign minister on Tuesday said he was in favor of “new thinking” about the Israeli-Palestinian peace, acknowledging that the realities on the ground have changed since the Oslo Accords in the mid-1990s. Further details


The Central Elections Committee has identified February 25, 2020 as the earliest possible date that fresh elections, an unprecedented third vote in less than a year, can be held if the current political deadlock remains unbroken. Further details


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, testified Monday for more than three hours in a libel lawsuit filed by a former employee at the Prime Minister’s Residence against associates of the premier, and claimed she was the “most vilified person on Israeli media.” Further details


UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn failed to mention Jews in an election campaign video that champions diversity and the rights of over 20 groups. Further details


Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh arrived in Cairo on Monday for meetings with Egyptian officials the terror group’s Al-Aqsa TV reported. Further details


Blue and White party chairman MK Benny Gantz on Monday criticized the prospect of an Israel-US mutual defense pact, warning it would endanger Israel’s freedom of military action and breaks with decades of defense policy. Further details


The lower house of France’s parliament is scheduled to vote on a draft resolution that calls hate of Israel a form of anti-Semitism. Further details


The trial of an Israeli man held in Jordan, who has been charged with illegally crossing into the Hashemite Kingdom, commenced on Monday. Further details


The Knesset’s top legal adviser, Eyal Yinon, ruled on Monday that the currently dormant Knesset House Committee must decide whether to grant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu parliamentary immunity from prosecution over corruption charges, in a decision that could delay the formal indictment of the premier by several months. Further details


Yisrael Beytenu chair Avigdor Liberman on Monday appeared to backtrack on his previous suggestion that he could endorse both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White chair Benny Gantz as candidates to form a government, as part of an eleventh-hour bid to force a unity government. Further details


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday said he discussed with US President Donald Trump the possibility of annexing the Jordan Valley and appeared to suggest Washington was not against the step, which is strongly opposed by the international community and in particular neighboring Jordan. Further details