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Hunger striking detainee Zahran suffers severe health deterioration
Hunger striking detainee Zahran suffers severe health deterioration
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Ramallah, ALRAY - The health condition of the 42-year-old Palestinian detainee Ahmad Zahran, on hunger strike for 78 days in a row against his administrative detention, is deteriorating, chairman of the Commission of Detainees’ Affairs, Qadri Abu Baker, warned.

Abu Baker pointed out, in a press statement on Monday, that detainee Zahran, a resident of Deir Abu Mash'al village to the northwest of Ramallah, suffers from difficult health condition, as he is being held at Kaplan medical center and subjected to violations around the clock in bids to break his strike and wills.

It’s noteworthy to mention that detainee Musab al-Hindi,29, a resident of Tell town to the southwest of Nablus, suspended on Sunday his open-ended hunger strike that lasted for 75 days, after reaching an agreement with the prison administration to set a ceiling for his administrative detention.

In the same context, the commission reported that the health condition of the 42-year-old detainee Shadi Musa, from the village of Mirka to the southwest of Jenin, is improving, adding that he is currently being held at al-Ramla prison clinic.

It pointed out that detainee Musa was subjected during the past month to a heart attack while being held at the Negev Desert prison, following which he was moved to Soroka Israeli hospital.

The commission added that detainee Musa then underwent a cardiac catheterization during which a heart pacemaker was implanted under his skin to regulate his heartbeat, noting that Musa still in need for intensive medical follow-up.

The commission went on to point out that detainee Musa has been suffering, since his detention, from heart problems and high blood pressure. Adding to that, the commission continued, detainee Musa was injured by Israeli forces with a bullet to his head while detaining him, indicating that the bullet is still in his head and causes him severe pains.

Detainee Musa was detained on April 15th, 2002 and given a sentence to 25 years in prison.

 According to Palestinian figures, about 5,700 Palestinians, including 48 women and 250 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.