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Gaza receives only 8% of medicines needs
  • Gaza News
  • 12:12 11 December 2019
Gaza receives only 8% of medicines needs
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian ministry of Health based in Gaza stated Tuesday evening that Ministry of Health based in Ramallah sent only 8% of annual need of medicines and medical consumables since the beginning of this year.

The ministry explained in a statement that the medicines and medical consumables that arrived to the Gaza Strip hospitals from the Ministry's warehouses in Ramallah since the beginning of this year amounted to only 3.2 million dollars out of 40 million dollars.

This amount constitutes only 8% of the annual need, the worst rate since years.

Gaza Strip suffers since years of a medical crisis because of shortage of supply of medicines and medical consumables, in addition to the small number of medical staff, which is reflected negatively on the services provided to citizens.