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IOF detains Palestinians in raids to WB
IOF detains Palestinians in raids to WB
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces waged Wednesday at dawn wide arrest campaign to different occupied cities of West Bank, arrested a number of Palestinians.

Local media sources reported that big Israeli military force raided the house of the leader of the Hamas movement Jamal Al-Tawil in the Umm Al-Sharayet neighborhood in Al-Bireh and arrested his daughter, an activist in the prisoners' field.

He noted that the force searched the house and raided the buildings adjacent to the house.

Israeli occupation forces released Al-Tawil few days ago after being detained for a year and a half under administrative detention. 

The occupation forces arrested the youth, Laith Assi Al-Tarifi, after raiding his family's home in Al-Bireh. The northern area of Al-Bireh witnessed confrontations before midnight, during which two youths were wounded with rubber bullets.

The sources added that big Israeli force raided Beitin village to the north and arrested Ahmad Kayed after his house was raided, and handed the detainee Mahmoud Hamid, a summon to appear before intelligence services.

A military force stormed Jalazoun camp in the north and arrested the youth Kamel Nakhleh, after raiding his family's house and moving him to a disclosed location.

The occupation forces stormed the town of Bir Zeit in the north and raided the house of journalist Musab Saeed, and interrogated him, while violent clashes broke out in the town.

It also stormed the city of Al-Bireh for the third consecutive day and confiscated cameras recording devices, after resistance fighters opened fire towards the settlement "Beit El" north of the city a few days ago.