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Israel notifies Palestinian school of stop working
Israel notifies Palestinian school of stop working
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Hebron, ALRAY- Israeli occupation authorities notified Tuesday a Palestinian school, in the town of Samou, south of Hebron, to stop working, claiming that it is constructed in an area that threatens archeological sites.

Palestinian Ministry of Education said in a statement that Israeli occupation authorities notified the cessation of work in the "Simaya" elementary school affiliated to the Directorate of Education, south of Hebron, located in Al-Samou 'area.

The ministry noted that Israeli step is a pert of Israeli campaign against the school and dozens of other schools, under fake pretexts.

This Israeli step threatens the Palestinian students right to education, the right that is guaranteed by all international laws, charters and customs.

Israeli step coincided with the International Day for Human Rights, that reveals Israeli oppress and its continued violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, especially the right of students to education.

The school serves more than 40 students in the targeted areas that subjected to Israeli aggression.