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Hamas rebukes Israel for banning Christians in Gaza to visit WB
Hamas rebukes Israel for banning Christians in Gaza to visit WB
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Gaza, ALRAY - Member of Hamas International Relations Office, Basem Naim, has denounced the Israeli occupation authorities for preventing Palestinian Christian citizens in Gaza from accessing to Christian’s holy places on their holidays in both occupied Jerusalem and Bethlehem.


“This systematic policy that the Israeli occupation pursues every year against Palestinian Christians shows its extremism and refutes its claims of being a democratic state and respecting human rights,” Naim said in a press statement.


“It’s a right for all of our people to enjoy unrestricted right to freedom of movement, including accessing to holy places and performing religious rituals,” the Hamas member stressed.


He called upon the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation to respect the international human rights law which guarantees to all citizens under the occupation the right to freedom of movement and to exercise religion.


Last Thursday, the Israeli occupation authority said Christians in Gaza would not be allowed to visit holy cities such as Bethlehem and Jerusalem to celebrate Christmas this year.