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IOF detains 11 Palestinians from Gaza last Feb.
  • Gaza News
  • 09:12 15 December 2019
IOF detains 11 Palestinians from Gaza last Feb.
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Gaza, ALRAY -  Israeli occupation forces detained 11 Palestinians from Gaza during last November, the number of Palestinian detainees up to 129 in 2019, Human rights sources reported.  

Prisoner specialist, Abdel Nasser Ferwana said that IOF detained 11 Palestinians from Gaza during last November.

He explained that IOF detained three Palestinians at Beit Hanoun-Erez checkpoint, in the northern Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the occupation forces.

The number of Palestinian detainees has raised to 126 detainees since the beginning of 2019.  

He explained that 37 Palestinian fishermen were detained off Gaza coast, and 78 Palestinians detained while trying to bass the east border of Gaza Strip.

Ferwana stated that dozens of Palestinians who traveled via Erez crossing were held for hours, and some of them were interrogated, as the occupation authorities made the barrier a trap for detained Palestinians.

He considered that the arrests "are part of the Israeli policy in dealing with the Palestinian people, but it is noticeable that the increasing attempts to infiltrate and cross the borders, which have become a worrying phenomenon."

He added: "It requires everyone to stop in front of this phenomenon, study its causes and motives, face its repercussions and dangers, seriously move and work to control infiltrations and stop the randomness from them."

Farwana stressed the importance of educating citizens and making them aware of what they might be subjected to, such as interrogation, pressure and bargaining, and how to face all of this, while traveling through the Beit Hanoun checkpoint, in a way that guarantees the protection of the individual and his social circle, and reduces the risks of detention and its negative effects on the individual, family and society.


It is noteworthy that about 300 citizens of the Gaza Strip remain in the prisons of the Israeli occupation. The  prisoner Dia Agha, who has been detained for more than 27 years, is the oldest and is considered the dean of the prisoners of Gaza.