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Marked increase in Israeli violence against Palestinians
Marked increase in Israeli violence against Palestinians
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West Bank, ALRAY - A raise in Israeli settlers' aggression against Palestinians and their properties in West Bank are documented, Israeli statics revealed.

Haaretz paper published data from Israeli security institutions that documented 256 cases of Israeli settlers' aggression against Palestinians and Israeli army in West Bank.   

Israeli security services expressed their concerns regarding the increased level of Israeli settlers' violence and the audacity of Israeli officials for destroying property and spraying racist slogans on the walls (activities known as "paying the price tag")

It added that 50 incidents occurred during 2019, as well as in 2018, and five times the cases that occurred in 2017.

Israeli security sources reported that the increase of Israeli settlers' violence during the last two weeks and the increase in destroying Palestinian properties, reminding us with the incidents that preceded the arson attack against the Palestinian Dawabshe family in Douma village in 2015.

The security services noted that the 160 incidents of puncturing tires of Palestinian vehicles in the Shuafat neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem last Sunday, is a clear evidence to Israeli boldness of destroying Palestinian properties.

The sources explained that puncturing tires occurred in five areas of the neighborhood that means a big number of settlers participated in the aggression.  

The sources noted that Israeli settler's leadership did not denounce the attacks, that encourage the settlers to go on their violence.

Many slogans and sabotage of property occurred in the second half of 2019

Israeli security sources estimated that those responsible for spraying slogans and destroying property are dozens of young youths, most of whom are between the age of 14 and 19 years old.

They say that these young youths come from all over "Israel" after they have dropped out from the educational institutions, and that many of them remain in settlement sites in the West Bank without parental authority or relationship to any institution.

Sources of the Israeli security services estimated that a quarter of the cases that were identified as "violent events" exited from Yitzhar settlement south of Nablus and the surrounding areas.

These sources have referred to Yitzhar as the beating heart of the extreme Israeli right, and the source of the perpetrators of many violent operations against Palestinians in the West Bank and the occupied territories in 48.