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Hunger striker detainee Zahran subjected to interrogation
Hunger striker detainee Zahran subjected to interrogation
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West Bank, ALRAY - The hunger striker detainee Ahmad Zahran, who has been on hunger strike for 91 days, has subjected to interrogation in Ramla prison clinic, detainees and ex-detainees commission reported Sunday.

The commission explained in a statement that interrogators  from the Center of interrogation  of "Al-Maskubiyya" came to interrogate, while officers from the Israeli Prison Services attended and gave him verbal promises to end his case, knowing that the IPS had made the same promises to the prisoner in his previous strike during last July, which lasted for 39 days, but IPS refused to release him.

The commission noted that the administration of Ramal clinic moved Zahran to a civil hospital two days ago as his health deteriorated, and returned him in the same day to prison.

Ahmad Zahran,42, from the town of Deir Abu Mishaal in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, he served a total of 15 years in Israeli detention camps. A hearing will be held Monday for him to consider the appeal lodged against the decision to confirm his four-month administrative detention .