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Jordan denounces Israeli plane to construct 3.500 settlement units
Jordan denounces Israeli plane to construct 3.500 settlement units
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates today, Tuesday, inveighed against the announcement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to build 3,500 additional settler houses in the E1 area east of occupied Jerusalem.

Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate, Ayman Safadi, rejected the declaration as a flagrant violation of international law and international humanitarian law and UN Security Council resolutions, and a highly dangerous unilateral action that undermines any prospects for a two-state solution based on international legitimacy resolutions.

Safadi warned of the ramifications of the announcement, and stressed the need for the international community to take effective action to prevent its implementation.

He called on the Israeli government to stop building and expanding settlements sense it has obligations as the occupying power.

Israeli Prime minister has approved the construction of 3500 settlement units in east Jerusalem.  

Netanyahu indicated that his decision aims to implement the settlement project known as E1, which plans to expand the Maale Adumim settlement, east of Jerusalem, to reach its west.

"We are building Jerusalem and the Jerusalem periphery. I have instructed to build 3,500 housing units in Area E1," the Israel Broadcasting Corporation quoted Netanyahu as saying.

The international community considers the settlements illegal, according to the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel,  the occupying power, is prohibited from transferring Israelis to the occupied territories.