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OCHA calls for supporting the response plan by funding
OCHA calls for supporting the response plan by funding
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West Bank, ALRAY - United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid called for providing financial aid to support the response plane that seeks to respond to the public health needs and immediate humanitarian consequences of the pandemic in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The office explained that the response plan provides an important bridge between the public health response contained in the Health Cluster Plan and the broader socio-economic recovery plan of the GoP, with support from the World Bank and others.

The office stated that the primary focus of the plan remains prevention, preparedness and treatment of COVID-19, with emphasis remaining on supporting the most vulnerable people. Interventions will continue to be adapted as the situation evolves and our understanding of the virus and how it spreads is further deepened.

The office explained that the Plan aims to support the scaling up of testing capacity to 20,000 COVID-19 tests and expand hospital-bed capacity by 200 additional beds. Respiratory support and intensive care treatment capacity will also be scaled-up to support 100 additional beds.

The plan targets at least 1 million Palestinians with public health messages on preventive measures on how to effectively protect oneself from COVID-19 infection, and at least 5,000 health workers will be supported with infection prevention and control (IPC) measures, including with personal protective equipment (PPE)

The office said that the assistance provided to the (response plan) increased modestly after the United States made $ 7 million, the total amount is now 41 million and 900 thousand dollars, while the required amount exceeds $ 42 million, according to the  updated funding requested previously and exchanged with donors..

It explained that the updated funding request is made to support the quarantine centers in Gaza Strip and West Bank, and to support efforts in occupied Jerusalem, and to provide support for a safety net for the most vulnerable communities, which have been negatively affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.