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Besieged Gaza Strip has no new cases of coronavirus disease
Besieged Gaza Strip has no new cases of coronavirus disease
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Gaza Strip hadn’t recorded any new cases of the novel coronavirus pandemic during the past 24 hours, Ministry of Health in Gaza has said.

The ministry added that it has conducted about 107 coronavirus tests during the past 24 hours, with all of the tests confirmed negative for the virus.

It pointed out that 7492 coronavirus tests have been carried out in the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of the virus in the strip, of them 7472 tests were reported negative, but 20 approved positive for the virus.

It noted that 16 out of the 20 cases approved positive for corona have made a full recovery from the virus, 10 of them left quarantine centers, and four are still remaining inside the Rafah Crossing quarantine center.

The ministry also indicated that there are four other coronavirus cases that are still infected with the virus, as they receive treatment at the isolation hospital in the Rafah Crossing.

It concluded that at least 1562 people are still being kept under quarantine in specially-designated hotels.

In the same context, the total number of cases who contracted the coronavirus disease in the occupied Palestinian territories stands at 567.

Of the latest figures, about 455 have fully recovered from the virus, and four people have died from the virus so far.

There are about 4,856,483 confirmed cases worldwide and the death toll now tops 320,244 while over 1,870,604 people have recovered from the virus.